From the CEO: Rewriting the course for our future in reflection of the past

AME | July 1, 2024

Many AME members live in Canada or the United States, so for most of you, this week is a celebration of Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day. These two celebrations remind me of the importance of honoring and remembering our successes. Hundreds of years ago, the United States declared independence and built a new nation. They made mistakes along the way and continuously improved. Sound familiar?

As we continue to rewrite the course for our future, we make mistakes, solve problems and change course. As we share, learn and grow, remaining flexible and agile has never been more important to individuals, organizations and nations.

AME is the go-to place for you and your organization to grow through lean and continuous improvement learning. Before we head to the AME Atlanta 2024 International Conference in October, we’ll host a wide variety of training opportunities virtually and in person.

We are holding a fascinating session, Generative AI in manufacturing: Amazon key learnings for realizing value, on Tuesday, July 9. Hear from Danny Smith, Amazon Web Services principal strategist for artificial intelligence and machine learning, on how generative AI has captured the world’s attention and is a hot topic for manufacturers. There is a great deal of excitement about technology, but many struggle to separate the hype from reality. In this session, you will:

  • Review the current state of AI in manufacturing
  • Discuss the industry challenges that make generative AI so appealing to leaders
  • Hear about successes (and failures) of generative AI use cases across the manufacturing value chain
  • Dive into key learnings to help further your journey toward delivering value with generative AI

Our highly interactive 2-second lean series, conducted virtually, always draws a large audience. We invite you to join a virtual 2-Second Lean tour of Valleyview Industries Ltd. in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada on July 10 and participate in the engaging 2-Second Lean leaders roundtable series with Paul Akers on July 17.

In August, we will hold The Pathway to Excellence: How to lead and assess organizational transformation in Bedford, Massachusetts. Using the AME Lean Sensei® assessment tool, available to AME members, this event challenges participants to “see” improvement capabilities through the AME Pathway to Excellence lens. Participants will strengthen their assessment skills by evaluating a case study of a company with effective improvement practices and through two real-world “go and see” activities where assessment teams practice assessing at the host facility.

This July 4th, I wish you all liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.