AME Excellence Award

The AME Excellence Award recognizes North American manufacturing or health care organizations that have demonstrated excellence in manufacturing and business operations. The Excellence Award recognizes a single plant or operating unit, including “maintenance, repair and overhaul” operations or a hospital in either the public or private sector. The AME Excellence Award criteria details a lean systems model for enterprise excellence. The primary focus of the award is to acknowledge continuous improvement, best practices, creativity and innovation. This award supports AME’s mission of inspiring commitment to enterprise excellence by identifying “Pearls of Excellence” or best practices to share with other AME members.

The primary focus of a site visit is to support your improvement efforts.  The feedback report from the assessors has proven its use in helping previous applicants to get better at getting better.  The award process also supports AME’s mission of inspiring commitment to enterprise excellence by identifying “Pearls of Excellence” (e.g., continuous improvement, best practices, creativity and innovation) to share with other AME members.


"Final feedback about the site visit…gives us the opportunity to have a professional and different point of view about our overall improvement journey. The auditors were constructive and focused on the people, and how people interact and live in our WCM [world class manufacturing] environment." 
— 2018 AME Excellence Award Recipient


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Application Requirements

To apply for the AME Excellence award, begin by completing the Intent to Apply and Plant Profile. Send the completed information to

AME has moved to a rolling application process — moving from batch to flow. Please utilize the forms below for details and to apply for the AME Excellence Award.

Your entire application consists of the:

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AME Lean Sensei®

We suggest applicants gather their team and review the AME Lean Sensei® questions. Keep in mind the AME Excellence Award criteria as you reach consensus scores on the AME Lean Sensei® questions. Once you have gained consensus, complete the self-assessment using the Excel version of the AME Lean Sensei®. The AME Lean Sensei® is a members-only tool. If you are not yet a member and are interested in applying for the AME Excellence Award, please contact to request access.

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Achievement Report

You support the scores in the Sensei with a written Achievement Report using the AME Power Point template. Use descriptions and pictures to provide evidence to support your self-assessment score. Please use the Achievement Report template.

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AME Excellence Awards: Guidelines, eligibility, fees, timeline, & benefits to apply 

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2023 AME Excellence Award Recipients

North York, Ontario, Canada
Jaguarina, Brazil

2022 AME Excellence Award Recipients

About the Awards

Selection Process

The AME Excellence Award may recognize multiple North American recipients who demonstrate excellence against the award guidelines and evaluation criteria. Any applicant that submits the required materials will be considered for an award. A company’s achievement report will be evaluated by the AME Award Evaluation Team. For companies that score high enough in this achievement report review, a site visit will be completed. A site visit will generally last 1.5 to 2 days. Recipients of the Excellence Award will be selected based on the combined results of the achievement report review and site visit feedback.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our vice president of awards and certification, Michael Bremer at or 630-235-4210. 


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