Coming Soon: A New and Improved Target Online

AME | December 21, 2015


Here at AME, we’re especially proud of our quarterly flagship publication Target magazine, which has been a source of lean and continuous improvement news and information since AME’s earliest days when Robert “Doc” Hall was the editor.  Like any publication that has existed for a significant amount of time, Target magazine has evolved in its look and content, but continues to provide in-depth news and information about manufacturers and organizations who have reached a level of excellence on their lean journey.

While its track record, audience and distribution are different than the print version of Target, AME’s monthly digital publication, Target Online, is also a source of lean and continuous improvement news and information. Designed for busy industry professionals who are both AME members and non-members, articles and news items are typically shorter and less detailed.

Like the print version of Target, the digital version has evolved over the years.  With this in mind, we are excited to announce that starting on January 8, 2016, we will introduce the new and improved version of Target Online!  AME continues to strive to find ways to provide useful, relevant content to its readers and we feel that our new format will be instrumental in doing this.

The most significant change will be the shift from a monthly to a weekly eBlast.  In addition, you will see more relevant news stories and have the ability to customize your own news feed.  For example, if you’re interested in supply chain news, you can customize your news feed to feature more stories on that topic.  This can be done by viewing the email in your browser and clicking the "Personalize Your Feed" button at the bottom of the page and letting the algorithm remember the content that’s most meaningful to you.   

These changes to Target Online stem from a shift to our new vendor, InLoop, which offers industry news delivered in a personalized news feed.  Not only will you notice more news items in your feed, but it will be more relevant and useful to you.  

AME will continue to provide original content and articles suited to help manufacturing and continuous improvement professionals positively impact their organizations and to meet competitive challenges. If you would like Target Online delivered to you, visit the Target Online page of our web site and subscribe on the form at the top right of your screen.

In 2016, look for the new and improved Target Online every Friday with content designed to keep you informed and ready to help further your team on the journey of continuous improvement and enterprise excellence.