From the CEO: Advocating for veterans today and beyond

AME | November 11, 2022

Today we recognize Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada. As we take time to thank those who have and continue to serve, I want to spotlight the significant role that veterans play in the AME community specifically.

In every industry represented by AME members, you will find veterans working in continuous improvement capacities to make their organizations better. They are among employers' greatest assets, often cross-trained with vast experience and the skills needed to address talent shortages. Approximately 59 percent of employers reported that veterans perform "better than" or "much better than" their non-veteran peers. Yet veterans are 15.6 percent more likely than non-veteran job seekers to be underemployed. Their discipline and leadership skills, commitment to teamwork, and work ethic are essential to lean organizations.

As the daughter of a U.S. Army officer, now retired, and the incredibly proud aunt of a nephew serving in the military, I will forever be grateful to all active duty and veteran military members for their service. While it is important to remember their service, we must also provide them with opportunities to use their skills when we welcome them home. AME will continue to advocate for veterans in 2023 and beyond.

On behalf of AME, I thank all our veterans for their service. We are fortunate to have a sizable number of veterans on our boards of directors, in our volunteer ranks and in our membership. Your selflessness is inspiring, and we are proud to honor and support you during and after your military career.

As a reminder, AME offers active duty and veteran military members a free annual membership. To receive this free membership benefit, please enter the code FREEDOM21 while registering for an AME individual membership. This offer is open to military members, veterans and spouses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or any country served by AME and its affiliates.

And on a personal note, I want to wish a happy birthday to my mother, who shares a birthday with Veterans Day. She served our country by raising five children, even while my father was deployed and while moving virtually every year. An incredibly selfless woman, she continues to give more than she receives, and I am forever grateful to her.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.