From the CEO: What's your learning costume?

AME | October 29, 2021


Do you have your costume picked out for Halloween? If not, you might consider dressing as a witch, rabbit or dinosaur – the top three costumes according to Google Trends. When we dress up for Halloween now or as a child, we’re trying on a new look, but we still bring our own personality to the costume. I’m sure there are some people out there who are method acting when they dress as Spider-Man (Google’s number four trending costume), but most people are just themselves dressed as the famed web-slinger.

If you think about it — like when we layer on a costume — when we complete a training or learning experience, we’re layering on new knowledge but we still bring our own experiences and personality to it. But unlike a Halloween costume, that learning is with us forever. We’ve added a new arrow to our quiver, and we have a new tool to apply when the situation is right.

Many organizations are in their budget cycles for the next calendar year, and it is important to consider what training you will do in 2022 to help you add to your know-how. Consider what your organization needs — not just enterprise-wide, but also at the micro level for your team. You might also consider what is on the horizon industry wide. A Google Trends search can help you identify the factors that will affect your industry and what you should be preparing for in the year ahead.

A little forethought can go a long way in planning for the challenges ahead. There are myriad options for training and information gathering, and AME is humbled to be one of the organizations to which you turn. We remain committed to our “share, learn and grow” mission, and look forward to welcoming you to our virtual and in-person events, as a new member of an AME Consortia or Champions Club, or at the AME Dallas 2022 conference.

Initial feedback from the 1,700+ people who registered for the AME Everywhere 2021 conference has been extremely positive. Our conference chair, Lynne Johnson, deserves so much praise for delivering an incredible learning experience. If a training allows someone to layer on something new, the AME Everywhere experience was like layering on a mountain’s worth of knowledge and understanding. Kudos to Lynne and the entire conference committee for this incredible program.

As we look ahead to AME Dallas 2022, the conference committee — led by Dan McDonnell — has its pulse on the disruptive trends affecting manufacturing, health care, and other industries. They have carefully considered the challenges and needs of our community and how these trends impact organizations holistically from the front office to the frontline. Our 2022 conference program will have something for you no matter your industry or your role. Our initially announced program includes keynotes, presentations and tours from organizations including Cleveland Clinic, Crown, ETH Zurich, Ingersoll Rand, Jeld-Wen, M2 Global, Malin, Siemens, Texas Nameplate, Trane Technologies, and Wabtec — with plenty more to be announced later.

While you consider the layers of knowledge that you and your organization need, you must consider adding AME Dallas 2022 to your training plan for next year. And right now, we’re offering 40% off the full-priced individual in-person registration cost. That’s more than $900 savings per registration when you register now for AME Dallas 2022.

While I loved seeing everyone online for last week’s AME Everywhere conference, I can’t wait to see you in-person next year in Dallas. Costumes are optional, but I expect cowboy boots and hats to be on trend. 

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.