Here's what the AME staff is most excited to see and do at AME Boston 2017

AME | May 8, 2017

We asked the AME headquarters staff what they’re most excited to see and do at the AME 2017 International Conference in Boston. Here is what they said:

“I am excited to see all of the conference team’s hard work come to life and get the chance to talk with attendees throughout the week.”  — Julie Abajian, Marketing Manager

“I am excited to put the name to the face of all the folks I talk to and correspond with during the year. It’s especially fun to roam around the exhibits and talk to everyone else who is in the area. Having the opportunity to meet and talk to people from not only around the country but around the world and hear their experiences is very rewarding.” — Sharon Halsey, AME Regions Admin Assistant

“I’m looking forward to meeting attendees—new and returning—and to welcoming all the speakers to the event. I’m also really excited to see Benjamin Zander! There’s lots more to look forward to:  the new program layout, Tuesday night workshops (our first attempt at this!), San Diego Night, etc. I could go on for days!” — Stephanie Broadbent, Conference Program Coordinator

“I’m excited about the new Monday and Tuesday evening Happy Hours with our exhibitors. I’m looking forward to welcoming NuBees and connecting with returning attendees before heading out to dinner at one of Boston’s awesome restaurants with my Dine-Around group!” — Pam Bruggeman, Director, Conferences and Events

“This is easy. I can’t wait to see John Shook talk about the people side of lean. Whenever John talks about how leaders can best support people to learn, it inspires me!” — Cheryl Jekiel, HR Business Partner, Boston Conference Chair

“For me, it will be all of the engagement that will be happening all throughout the conference. From the moment attendees walk on-site, there will be opportunities for them to make connections with fellow attendees.  Also, I’m excited about all of the plant tours! Gemline, Hussey Seating, New Balance, to name a few.

I also need to shout-out the companion program, the gem of the conference. We all try to sneak on the companion bus because of the quality of the sites they get to visit every year. Plus, the companions are such a warm, friendly and fun group to join!” — Sara O’Hara, Conference and Events Coordinator

“I’m excited to see the Columbus Day celebration in Boston.” — Burgess Oliver, Executive Director, Champions Club

“I am excited about the ClubNuBee orientation sessions on Sunday and Monday evenings where new conference attendees can learn about the conference in a fun, informative environment…Last year the format was set up like the game show Family Feud. It’s also fun to see a couple of our volunteers dress up in their bee costumes as hosts of these sessions.

I’m also excited about the new speed networking event that will be taking place. Our conference is always filled with great opportunities to network. But, I think that by having some structure in this networking session, our attendees are going to meet a higher volume of quality contacts.”  — Tim Piotrowski, Marketing Media Manager

"Being a San Diego native, I am looking forward to the Wednesday night San Diego 2018 reception and hopefully some great SoCal food!  I have read the book Two Second Lean and am excited to hear Paul Akers as one of our keynote speakers!  Keeping with the food theme, I also always look forward to some excellent Italian food in Boston’s North End – always a treat!" — George Saiz, AME President and CEO

"I am so pumped to see Max Major's keynote presentation! He brings something very new and exciting to the conference. It will be a show attendees won't soon forget." — Taylor Scheibe, Marketing Coordinator

“I am looking forward to seeing Paul Akers present ‘Lean is simple, lean is fun.’ I enjoy hearing the excitement in Paul’s voice when he shares his thoughts and ideas! I can’t wait to see more of his videos as the ‘AME Welcome on Segway’ is very fun!” — Jerrianne Strohmeyer Education & Training Program Coordinator

“I am really excited to see the reactions of attendees to the exciting things the Boston committee has planned—especially in terms of new networking opportunities like speed networking.” — Jodi Talley, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Let us know what you are most excited to see and do at AME Boston 2017 in a comment below!

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