White Paper: Building Meaningful Employment Environments

About Building Meaningful Employment Environments

Written by AME Board Member, Robert Martichenko, this white paper explores the conversation surrounding workforce development. It introduces topics such as population demographics, a shrinking workforce, changing workforce attitudes and structural changes relative to organizational and leadership systems. Martichenko focusses on current learnings relative to building meaningful employment environments for front-line workers.

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What people are saying about Building Meaningful Employment Environments

“In ‘Building Meaningful Employment Environments’, Robert flips the script and centers the conversation on addressing the fundamental needs of frontline workers. In doing so, he captures the challenges of attracting and retaining today’s modern workforce while offering a framework for connecting enterprise success to individual purpose. This is a must-read for all leaders and frontline workers alike, as we are all in this together!” — Kathy Fulton (she/her), Executive Director, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)

“Meaningful employment environments will be the new focus for organizational development leading to the competitive edge for the enterprise. The challenges to attract, keep and develop a highly engaged workforce will require a significant transformation in company culture. This white paper is an excellent source for helping to understand those challenges and get the conversation started on how to begin the journey.” — Peter Marks, Former President and CEO, Bosch South and North America

“The challenges facing employers in recruiting and retaining employees are significant and likely to get worse. In the case of large infrastructure projects, as in the energy sector, the competition for skilled labor creates a bottleneck that threatens the ability to achieve cost and timetable goals. This paper is a great place to start to look for ways to successfully move forward in fluid and evolving employment environments.” — Glen Wright, Chair, The Council for Clean and Reliable Energy

“Bringing years of expertise used to resolve key challenges in lean supply chain management, Robert Martichenko now focuses on perhaps the biggest challenge facing employers today and into the future. This paper is a must-read for any employer hoping to successfully compete with the recruitment and development of an effective workforce.” — Linda Angove, Retired VP Strategic Planning, Insurance Industry

“Robert’s white paper discusses exactly what we need to be discussing today. We are in uncharted waters relative to workforce development and strategies going forward will need to focus on people as individuals. There is a lot of work ahead, and Robert has provided a starting point in this journey with his introduction to a meaningful employment environment.” — Ken Johnston, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Purolator Inc.

“We have all experienced the loss of the front-line worker both personally and professionally. Have you eaten out or visited the movie theater lately? This white paper is a must read if you are in the people business, as it defines the real impact of the changes we are experiencing and how it will shape the workforce for the generations to come.” — Arch Thomason, Chief Executive Officer, Sunland Logistics Solutions

“If the success of your company depends on attracting and retaining front-line workers, you must read this white paper and start the journey of transitioning your company to earn the moniker of having a Meaningful Employment Environment. In this white paper, Robert combines hard facts from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics with soft facts about the attitudinal shifts in the workforce. Corporate executives and field leaders should act as if their future depends on providing a great work experience for their front-line workers…because it does.” — Brian Devine, President & CEO, Ignite Industrial Professionals