How to hit it out of the park with recruiting and selecting

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

AME Author, CEO and Founder - Lean Leadership Resource Center, Inc.


When you get the right people in the right jobs at the right time, it’s a “deal maker” for your company. These people stay at your company. They fit in and contribute to the company culture. They’re successful in their jobs. Conversely, getting it wrong is costly and a burden on your existing work teams.

Many segments of our business economy are in a growth curve. But many companies are struggling to get the talent they need, so they’re having to say no to great business opportunities. To keep growing, you need to step up your game at recruiting, selection and on-boarding to bring in the talent that you need.

Read on for five of the best practices that I’ve found in companies that have had great success in optimizing their hiring processes.

1.  Be proactive. Proactive recruiting increases the level of talent we’re accessing and helps ensure critical hires can be made on an expedient basis. This kind of recruiting focuses on developing relationships based on a proactive forecast of who you’re looking for.
2.  Drive a link between internal and external branding. We need to take the same essences of the external brand and build an internal brand with it. The same things that make customers want to buy from you make people want to work for you.
3.  Apply the genius of your internal teams. The people that are the best fit for your company know where to find more of themselves. Use them! Create teams of your best employees and have them brainstorm solutions to your recruiting problems.
4.  Display recruiting metrics to track progress against goals. In lean cultures, it’s important to set the goals the team is working towards and publish these with visual displays to track progress. But measuring turnover and time to hire misses out on the very human piece of recruiting so we need to give new hires a satisfaction survey.
5.  Achieve more success using well developed processes. Our process needs to hold the same information all the way through. The best way to do this is with checklists at every stage of the recruiting process that correlates to the original job design.

Ready to step up your game? If you’re struggling with finding (and retaining) the talent your business needs, click here to read my full list of the ten best practices for recruiting, selection, and on-boarding. You’ll find what these practices are, why they’re important, and how you can get started.