Getting your team motivated

Monday, July 10, 2017

Quality Control Manager - Skin Care, Health & Beauty Solutions, Inc.

No matter the destination, the journey must include small steps each and every day to reach it. In a business the “number of steps” or tasks needed to move forward each day takes a team of engaged individuals all focused on the path. It is up to the leaders to continually remind the team of the destination, but to also remind them to look around every once in a while and enjoy the view.

Allowing your team to appreciate where they are will give them the knowledge that you care about their well-being. That builds trust and respect and those are the cornerstones of a good relationship. And why not have a relationship with your employees? Connecting with the individuals on your team allows you to recognize what drives them and what shuts them down.

In order to achieve a team of energized, engaged employees you can’t be all business. Sound odd? Opposite of what “makes sense?”  Why? Your employees are not robots. They have their own personal reasons for getting up and going to work every day – family, vacations, hobbies, etc. It is important that leaders recognize and appreciate these motivations.

Colonel Arthur Athens, The Naval Academy’s first Distinguished Military Professor of Leadership, gave a speech titled “Leadership: What’s Love Got to Do With It?” In this lecture Colonel Athens tells stories from his 29+ years of combined active duty and reserve service in command. One story after another demonstrates the lengths people will go for leaders that they feel have a “genuine concern for them.” He says that “what I have learned is, people want to feel special and valuable, every single person.”

When you are genuinely invested and “for” your employees they will see that and respond in turn. They will want to continue towards the destination you set for them, with increased speed.