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TWI job instruction plus Toyota kata

Combining TWI job instruction with the improvement kata and coaching kata
Monday, Oct. 30 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Hilton Cleveland Downtown MW/07



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 Participants will learn and understand how to incorporate TWI-job instruction with Toyota kata.


TWI – job instruction is a great tool to take random work activities and create a standard set of work instructions when process variability is high. This workshop will explore the use of TWI job instruction as a countermeasure to the Kata domino challenge and how to use a “trial run/road testing” of the job instruction as an exploratory PDSA experiment to develop the standard methods for success with the Kata domino challenge. Once we have used the planning steps of the improvement Kata and have a challenge, current condition, target condition, and obstacles, we will take time to examine the variation from team to team in their work methods. The class will complete PDSA steps toward the target condition using TWI-JI to create the best method for stacking and division of labor.


Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC is a completely client oriented, servant leader in the deployment of Toyota kata, lean training, six sigma/lean sigma kaizen, and leadership development company. We service all manufacturing, service, and healthcare organizations nationally and globally. Our mission, being faith-based, is to deliver tangible results in a servant leadership style of delivery. We strive daily to serve our clients by “teaching them to fish” and working ourselves out of a job. If we remain humble and people-centric in delivering our services and coach client companies to teach and develop their own brand of customized lean transformations and leadership development, that actual daily change for the better will result in 100% employee engagement.


Brandon Brown is the owner and master kata coach at Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC., delivering tangible and sustainable continuous improvement results as a Toyota kata master coach and lean instructor. From 2012-2022, he has dedicated much of his time to daily coaching and teaching healthcare and manufacturing professionals how to reach strategic challenges at Rockline Industries, La-Z-Boy Furniture, Nike Footwear and Apparel, Baptist Memorial Health Care in Memphis, TN, Bryan Health in Lincoln, NE, The Marco Group, and dozens of manufacturing and service organizations.

He was the keynote speaker at the first TWI-Kata Summit in Prague, CZ, and Zilina, SK, in Central Europe to celebrate the newest release of the 19th language of the Toyota Kata book. He has taught the Toyota kata experience over 300 times globally in Canada, Sweden, Germany, the University of Gent, BE, and The Netherlands. From 2017-2019 he taught a 3-day hands-on practical Toyota kata experience course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Manila, Philippines. Brown taught his three-day Toyota Kata Skill Week for Nike Footwear and Apparel’s 10 factories in Vietnam.

Brown was a visiting professor of operations management at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville from 2006-2016, teaching and developing online courses in the Industrial Engineering department. He was a regional director and board member for the southeast region of the AME from 2012-2016. He is also a certified John Maxwell coach, teacher, and speaker. Before his current work, he advanced through management leadership at Central States Mfg. as regional operations manager for three eastern facilities, serving 17 states. He has served as engineering manager for Waterloo Industries and project engineer for Lincoln Automotive. He has a Master of Science in engineering, a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, and a professional engineer license in Arkansas. 

Dirk Van Rossum is a mechanical engineer who started his career in aerospace manufacturing. Since then, his 30+ year career has taken him through operations and lean leadership roles in diverse industries, including automotive components, medical devices, aeronautical components manufacturing and healthcare. This journey took him from South Africa to assignments all over the EU and later to the USA.

He is the Center of Excellence director at Helena Industries, an agricultural chemicals producer in Collierville, TN. Van Rossum’s lifelong expedition of discovery and learning in lean thinking started in 1997. He has held various plant management and lean transformation roles, where the importance of coaching and developing people into structured problem solvers became a central theme.

In 2010, Van Rossum began experimenting with Toyota Kata and A3 learning. This evolved into an approach using kata thinking as a broad, high-level coaching framework for strategy development. At the same time, Van Rossum started experiments using the Shingo model insights of principles, behaviors and systems to bring about transformation. In his current role, Van Rossum continues his learning by experimenting with deploying the Toyota Kata Improvement, coaching routines and TWI job instruction across multiple sites. He connects this to the deployment of fledgling strategy deployment and daily management systems.