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Improvement kata/coaching kata experiential

Learn how enhanced scientific thinking can drive superior results, innovation and adaptiveness
Monday, Oct. 30 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Huntington Convention Center MW/14



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Learn how to experiment to overcome obstacles to achieving results and become better problem solvers along the way.


This workshop is a fun but intense, hands-on experience in routines designed to develop skills in scientific thinking, a foundation of lean management. With deliberate practice, individuals and organizations can take on tough challenges well beyond the organization’s current threshold of knowledge. The routines drive and deliver superior results, innovation and adaptiveness through the kata improvement learning process. The experiential process is a simple one, involving a deck of playing cards and a challenging twist. Teams of four and five will learn how a natural process owner works with their team through true experimentation.

Participants will practice the teaching routines of coaching kata, learning how a people leader teaches and reinforces scientific thinking. Along the way, we will dip into a bit of neuroscience to explore the power of deliberate practice in the development of a new default mode, which is grounded in scientific thinking.


Carrington Consulting was established in 1999 as a lean transformation consulting firm. It transitioned away from a focus on the “tools of lean” model in 2009 with the publication of "Toyota Kata" by Mike Rother. Toyota kata introduced Carrington Consulting Inc. to the improvement kata and coaching kata routines, which, through practice, can enhance the skill of scientific thinking and the ability to coach and teach that skill to others.


Beth Carrington, president and master coach at Carrington Consulting Inc., is an improvement kata/coaching kata master coach, working with organizations to build improvement kata and coaching kata capability and capacity since 2008. Carrington has coached organizations in a range of fields, including pharmaceutical, educational, personal care, health care, manufacturing, services and charitable work. She has also worked with many of these organizations in the application of Hoshin Kanri/policy deployment, value stream mapping and daily management. She is the improvement kata/coaching kata instructor and program developer at Lean Enterprise Institute and has taught for other global organizations such as the University of Michigan. Since 1999, she has led organizations in lean transformations, helping a wide range of clients, including small and large, repetitive, and custom processors in the manufacturing, health care, service, and government sectors. Before becoming a consultant, Carrington accumulated over 20 years of experience in leadership within the automotive, personal care and furniture industries.