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Monday, Oct. 30 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Huntington Convention Center MW/21



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Learn how to develop proven systems and use practical lean applications to take your company to excellence!


Engage employees with Lean techniques that are not only educational but fun and sustainable.

  • Strategic master plan for your lean journey
  • The basic building blocks to create a lean culture that is contagious
  • Tracking down rattlesnakes
  • Lego layout for vision and flow
  • AME lean sensei assessment
  • Visual metrics: +QDIP
  • All winning teams have a playbook

Culture is contagious if deployed correctly and this presentation will explore examples of how you can eliminate waste. The focus of lean is the continuous improvement of safety, quality, productivity, delivery, morale, cost, and inventory. The session will show different ways of addressing these focal points by using lean tools and creative employee thinking. Several case studies will be demonstrated with incredible results. This presentation highlights the critical elements and ""must know"" concepts for driving effective, positive change.


At Lean Applications the vision of our team is to empower and inspire people to grow personally and professionally...driving organizational improvement. The reality is that now is the time to invest in your people! As we experience a compressed economy, this is the time companies desperately need to engage and encourage their team members.  People are not afraid of change, but rather, uncertainty.  As we communicate a clear direction and vision throughout the organization, we need to inspire people with purpose.  They need to understand where the company is going and also feel as a part of it.

We will deliver personal coaching and mentoring, providing insight and enthusiasm to rejuvenate your workforce.  With tools to empower and engage your greatest asset, a coach can help your people take responsibility for bringing their best to work every day.  With unique tools and training, we will teach your leaders how to implement these positive changes with hands-on approaches that are fun, educational, and impactful.  To create a model of excellence that you can spread throughout the enterprise, we utilize and implement various tools such as: Value stream mapping, visual management, gemba leadership, 13- week supplier development program (SDP), lean office process mapping, 5S / rattlesnake hunts, and standard work.

Our team has the right solution for your needs, from specific tool training or holistic business system development.  We have the solutions that create results that will increase exponentially. www.leanappl.com


Mark Preston has been driving change in manufacturing, office, and sales environments for 30+ years. After graduating from Georgia Tech, he studied kaizen manufacturing techniques in Japan with TDK. After 11 years with TDK, he held various executive operations positions at Respironics/Phillips, including setting up global sourcing for Respironics, creating the respironics supplier development program and heading the companies asthma and allergy division. After eight years, he became the director of Acuity business system at Acuity Brands Lighting and later, vice president of supplier development and operational excellence. After Acuity, Preston created his own company Lean Applications, and continues to help companies all over the globe reach their potential for excellence. He was the volunteer director of the AME (Association of Manufacturing Excellence) Champions Club and served on its national board. His book, “Southern Sensei,” takes readers on an engaging application-based approach to further their lean journey. Preston also helped write and launch the AME lean sensei assessment, which helps companies assess their progress on their lean journey.