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Avoiding the continuous appearance trap

Monday, Oct. 30 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Huntington Convention Center MW/16



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“Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap is a practical guide to a better understanding of your organization’s operations. Reflecting on your own answers to Adams’ 12 questions will reveal the breadth and depth of your current state that you had most likely never known. Like most aspects of Lean, this is a simple concept that leads to transformative results.”

~Steven Kane, Director of Coaching and Certification at Gemba Academy LLC


So many companies struggle with the ‘flavor of the month’ mentality. Other companies struggle with leaders who say one thing but do another. Leaders and companies appear to want positive change, but their actions show something very different. This Workshop will uncover the truth about your culture and how 12 simple questions can sustain the transformation of your organization by developing a culture of continuous improvement.


At Lean Solutions our team of experienced lean experts helps train, coach, develop and implement action plans for lean process improvement and works with clients to identify, develop and implement continuous improvement projects, cost reductions, product quality enhancements, and process effectiveness improvement. www.findleansolutions.com


Craig Tedrow is an executive lean consultant with Lean Solutions. Tedrow is a seasoned continuous improvement professional, having honed his skills in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. Throughout his career, Tedrow has gained valuable experience in training coordination, continuous improvement, team building, presentation skills and conflict management.

One of his most notable roles was leading the Continuous Improvement department at Plasan Carbon Composites. During a period of remarkable growth, Tedrow took the time to develop a week-long training curriculum that balanced informative lectures and hands-on lab instruction. This approach created a relaxed and comfortable learning environment for new associates.

Tedrow's emphasis on training extended beyond classroom instruction. He was heavily involved in ensuring adherence to Standard Work Instructions, utilizing video technology and Training Within Industry methods to make the process engaging and accessible. With his laid-back demeanor, Tedrow built strong relationships with various departments, including engineering, operations, maintenance and facilities. This collaboration was instrumental in driving the implementation of robotics and automation throughout the organization.

His easygoing nature, expertise in continuous improvement, and ability to navigate complex situations while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere have earned him a reputation as a trusted leader.