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A look inside Lincoln Electric
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8:50am-11:50am Lincoln Electric WT/02
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8:50am-11:50am Lincoln Electric ThT/02

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Tour various areas of Lincoln Electric's operations, including the Advanced Power Wave® and Ranger® MPX™ assembly lines.


See how Lincoln Electric utilizes digital technology to control production and quality while using communication boards, visual controls, standard work, line balancing and other lean techniques to drive engagement and problem solving. These efforts are used to achieve single piece flow through the kitting of parts, replenishment of parts to the lines by water spiders and application of robotic assembly.

Please note: Personal identifiation is required to attend this tour. 


Lincoln Electric was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1895. An initial $200 investment was used to develop and commercialize a unique, direct current electric motor for industrial applications. What started as a spark of ingenuity flickered and gained momentum. By 1911, John C. and James F. Lincoln invented and launched their first variable voltage arc welder, an innovation that catapulted Lincoln Electric into a new technology and industry that would drive its future success. Each founding brother shaped the organization and left a distinct legacy that continues to define its culture, values and brand today. More than 125 years later, Lincoln Electric has become a global leader in arc welding and cutting and is renowned as The Welding Experts® worldwide.

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