Akron Steel Treating + Integrated Heat Treating Solutions LLC 
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Leaner + Greener's Skunkworks for HT Metallurgies

Tour a commercial heat treater with 80+ years of experience
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
8:55am-1:15pm Akron Steel Treating + Integrated Heat Treating Solutions LLC. TT/06
Wednesday, Nov. 1 Location Code
11:55am-4:15pm Akron Steel Treating + Integrated Heat Treating Solutions LLC. WT/07

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Tour Akron Steel Treating + Integrated Heat Treating Solutions (IHTS) and see how the company practices single-piece flow and uses AI to predict metal deformation in the heat treat process. Learn how they cut the cycle time of the process.  


Integrated Heat Treating Solutions (IHTS) uses Akron Steel Treating's 80+ years of practical heat treating experience working with over 1,200 different part-making customers to integrate DANTE Solutions metallurgical modeling into new metal part/forging designs. It also helps industry 4.0 part manufacturing teams to integrate the optimal alloy material selections and heat treating processes—an optimal "ability to harden" into their lean value chain.

AST® is a NADCAP and ITAR facility. Visitors must sign in and be USA citizens or permanent resident aliens with green cards.


Akron Steel Treating + Integrated Heat Treating Solutions (IHTS) helps part designers to eliminate post-heat treatment remediation costs due to distortion by integrating the heat treating metallurgies into industry 4.0 part designs and lean manufacturing; reduce overall part costs using lower alloy materials and also achieve stronger parts; avoid supply chain disruptions by designing parts from readily available alloy materials and aligning the heat treating/forging processes with the rest of the part makers' value map; decrease part weight while simultaneously making the heat treated part more durable; eliminate the environmental hazards of oil quenching, reduce the reliance on batch furnace heat treatments, and enable a single-part flow from the part manufacturing cell through heat treatments and on to the next step without needing final grinding operations. www.IntegratedHeatTreatingSolutions.com

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