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How The Technology House leverages operational efficiency to enhance innovational products

A Streetsboro additive manufacturing facility tour
Wednesday, Nov. 1 Location Code
8:40am-12:00pm The Technology House WT/05
1:10pm-4:30pm The Technology House WT/10
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
12:40pm-4:00pm The Technology House TT/08



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Come and join The Technology House team on a tour of the Streetsboro manufacturing facility.


In this tour, you will see additive manufacturing, urethane casting and injection molding under the same roof. Additive manufacturing OEMs recognized The Technology House as one of the first to use machines that deliver high performance and speed. Witness these machines from prototype to production.

The Technology House is a leader in additive manufacturing (3D printing) production and is one of the first adopters of the Carbon M3 Max, NanoDimension Tera 250 and SLA 750. Additive manufacturing comes with exceptional capabilities, including enhanced automation and efficiency, resulting in shorter lead times, faster post-processing and improved part quality. These are all major components of lean manufacturing, and the Technology House strives to hit those standards with all of its services.

With a history of success stories, from NASA to companies in the Greater Cleveland area, The Technology House invites you to this tour to learn more and become the next success story.

Please note: Personal identification is required to attend this tour.


From 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes to CNC machining and aerospace injection molding, The Technology House's wide range of digital manufacturing solutions allow aerospace manufacturers to solve design challenges and create certified production parts.

The company manufactures parts for the aerospace and defense industry, which requires precise, responsive product development and production. The company delivers short-run, low-volume or large-volume production with assembly to ensure projects meet all industry standards and requirements.

The Technology House uses different technologies to support customers' material and volume needs, like Carbon DLS additive manufacturing, 5-axis CNC machining of metals and plastics, and tooling for injection molding. Manufacturing ITAR components means the company must make and manage all parts in-house in its U.S. facilities outside Cleveland, Ohio. The company focuses on doing more than simply supplying parts—it is essential to its customers' teams. 

Restrictions / Requirements

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  • Safety glasses