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Theme: Innovation

NNS cable manufacturing excellence: the trials and tribulations of innovation

Newport News Shipbuilding’s engagement of people and processes for cable assembly manufacturing excellence


Practitioner Presentation
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
10:45am-11:30am Hilton Cleveland Downtown TS/11



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Join industrial engineer III Anthony Ugoletti for a discussion on lessons learned as one of the frontline leaders responsible for transformation.


Newport News Shipbuilding's journey to implement new Navy cable assembly requirements began as a simple project for a young industrial engineer. However, as the project matured, many off-chute initiatives became apparent to improve and modernize this shop's manufacturing processes. In this presentation, Anthony Ugoletti will walk you through his "PRO-020" implementation journey from project inception to present day. He will discuss the trials, tribulations and collaboration he experienced within each project phase, including facilities selection, trades training, additive manufacturing, research and development and lean. Ugoletti will also break down how each facet of the overarching project and technology insertion played a vital role in the success of implementing PRO-020.


Newport News Shipbuilding is the sole designer, builder and refueler of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and one of two providers of U.S. Navy submarines. With approximately $4 billion in revenue and more than 25,000 employees, Newport News Shipbuilding is one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the United States.

The company builds advanced naval and commercial ships using its expertise in nuclear propulsion, naval design and manufacturing. NNS is currently building new Ford-class aircraft carriers and Virginia-class fast-attack submarines. Founded as the Chesapeake Dry Dock and Construction Co. in 1886, Newport News Shipbuilding has built more than 800 ships. 


Anthony Ugoletti is an industrial engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding, bringing in over five years of experience and ingenuity from his work in continuous improvement and process excellence. Ugoletti has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology from the University of Pittsburgh and is pursuing a master's degree in systems engineering at Old Dominion University.

In his current role, Ugoletti supports a conglomerate of small to medium manufacturing disciplines within the shipyard, each playing a critical function in completing U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and submarine construction. Additionally, he cultivates and develops lean strategy, continuous improvement, capital investment and research and development initiatives to further improve manufacturing operations.