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Games to engage

Using games to facilitate complex learning


Deep Dive Session
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
9:30am-10:45am Huntington Convention Center TS/05



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Discover how games can facilitate complex learning.


Tactile activities, competitions and games can facilitate bridging intellectual gaps to make abstract ideas become concrete. Users can have fun experiencing concepts in practice by “flipping the classroom,” solidifying key learnings and facilitating important paradigm shifts. After all, lean is all about understanding through doing.


Trane Technologies is a global leader in innovative and sustainable comfort systems, spanning commercial, residential and transport applications.


Joel Hugghins is an accomplished professional engineer whose career has focused largely on operational excellence and transformation in consultant, sensei, instructor, coach and practitioner roles. He is recognized throughout the lean community through his print and online articles, consultations and conference sessions. He has applied his engineering and continuous improvement expertise across a diverse range of industries for nearly 30 years. Hugghins is a strategic thinker, applying proven techniques designed to prevent rather than correct systemic problems wherever possible. He holds a mechanical/industrial engineering degree from MIT and is a certified lean sensei, licensed professional engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, agile scrum master and project management professional. He has been coaching and instructing various CI methodologies for more than 15 years and is an avid fan and advocate of AME.