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Theme: Leadership and DEI

Enterprise excellence is inclusive excellence

One journey to fully engaging everyone everyday


Practitioner Presentation
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
10:45am-11:30am Huntington Convention Center TS/08



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Hear from Michelman, Inc.'s William Harvey on enterprise and inclusive excellence.


Enterprise excellence and inclusive excellence are closely linked, and real-world challenges have shown that both are essential to the success of any organization. To achieve enterprise excellence, organizations must focus on improving their operations and processes while creating an inclusive environment that engages everyone. In this interactive session, the facilitator will invite participants to explore inclusive excellence at their organization. Join William Harvey in a discussion on the following topics:

• The business case for DEIA and why a business case is a bad idea
• Lessons from the United States Military
• How belt systems and CI teams can destroy inclusive practices
• Leadership is language and how language invites everyone to the party
• Three things to consider to increase the chance that everyone can engage every day


Michelman Inc. is a global developer and manufacturer of specialized sustainable chemistry used in agricultural and architectural coatings, digital printing, food service packaging and advanced composites for automotive and aerospace. Michelman‘s environmentally conscious solutions protect and enhance the materials that shape our world by growing food and keeping it fresh, making vehicles lighter and more fuel efficient, and shielding our homes from the elements. www.Michelman.com 


William Harvey is a mid-career kaizen coach practitioner and organizational architect who thrives in developing organic needs-based continuous improvement programs. Harvey serves as the multi-site plant manager at Michelman and as a professor at the University of Cincinnati. Harvey is collaborating with coworkers to create and launch the Michelman Performance System, a program focused on innovating a sustainable future for customers, associates and the planet.