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Theme: Future Workforce Development

Empowering employees through ownership and engagement

How an employee learning first approach drives a sustainable success strategy for your staff and the business


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Nov. 1 Location Code
9:30am-10:15am Huntington Convention Center WS/23



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  • Learn how a sustainable learning approach can be used to promote employee ownership and engagement at all levels while driving daily change that has amounted to over 45,000 implementations within the Duha Group.
  • Experience how the Duha communication system has connected the continuous improvement culture across various departments and facilities around the world.
  • Learn from the hits and misses experienced during a 20+ year continuous improvement program and steal with pride to avoid making the same mistakes!


Experience the Duha operating system and see how the engages its staff through continuous improvement (CI) initiatives in both the shop floor and office environment. Participants will have a better understanding of where their own organization needs to focus in order to achieve the cultural awareness necessary for a successful CI journey that's driven through a learning approach first and business application second lens. Understand how an internal continuous improvement belt program can engage and empower 100 percent of your staff while enhancing business growth without being disruptive to daily business needs.


The Duha Group is a global leader in the production of color marketing supplies. For more than a 20 years, it has developed its own interpretation of operational excellence methodologies, focused entirely on practical implementation in a live, high-volume production environment. Within its organization alone, the use of lean concepts can be found in accounting, customer service, sales, logistics, human resources, warehousing and, of course, its manufacturing process. Throughout its lean journey, it has been lucky to work with many companies in various industries across Canada and the rest of the world, training and sharing best practices in order to broaden its understanding of creating a continuous improvement culture and impart its experiences to others.


Rod Smith has worked for The Duha Group for over 40 years. He has held positions, including plant GM, logistics manager, director of human resources, director of global operations and currently director of The Duha Center of Excellence. His primary focus is to achieve standardization and balancing across the global supply chain both within the Duha facilities and between their suppliers and customers. His team of eight coaches support continuous improvement demand from many regions within a variety of industries. A student of continuous improvement culture for over 20 years, Smith holds a Master Black Belt certification in organizational continuous improvement implementation and facilitation, which included an extended period studying techniques in Japan and other areas of the world. He has been the driving force behind the continuous improvement transformation at the Duha Group and its "Passport to World to Excellence" program.