OpusWorks offers a one-of-a-kind blended e-Learning and Project Tracking technology that provides organizations with an integrated virtual-blend approach to their Process Improvement deployments.
Since 1992, we’ve helped organizations successfully scale their programs, standardize and enhance knowledge transfer, and reduce training costs by transitioning from in-person classes to an online blended-approach. With OpusWorks, organizations can seamlessly train, track, and encourage participants as they utilize new skills to transform processes and achieve organizational goals.

• Prepare: Rapidly scale your training initiative while building confident team participants that can immediately apply their knowledge, achieving measurable results.
• Propel: Increase project velocity, value, and visibility across your organization while keeping teams on track and mentors connected to the work. 
• Praise: Recognize the human need for affirmation. Celebrating success increases participation, evolves culture, and creates a new norm.


Integrated Deployment Solutions - Supporting Process Improvement