At BTP, we focus on what's happening between people and what makes you the best version of yourself - in the team and as a leader. We create results for the organization by working with its people. Hence our name: Business Through People - BTP for short. At BTP, we are mix of people with different strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. That is a foundation for a strong future and something we embrace! We are constantly and relentlessly working on our abilities since we believe that if we stop learning, we start to stagnate. Expanding our own knowledge threshold is sometimes hard and difficult, but in the end, it is what gets us out of bed in the morning! At BTP we are all strongly driven by purpose and values. That is what makes us unique! So the values above were not too difficult to put down on paper, because they are fundamental beliefs that we have lived by throughout our careers.

Business Through People - Enabling You