From the CEO: The lasting impact of veterans in the workforce

AME | November 13, 2020


On Wednesday in the United States and Canada we recognized military veterans and those who continue to serve. While Veterans Day and Remembrance Day are opportunities to thank veterans for our freedoms, it is incumbent on industry to provide veterans with the opportunities to use their skills in the private sector once their active duty service concludes.

According to 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 12% of manufacturing employees are military veterans. This is the largest percentage within an industry outside of government. While AME’s membership is made up of lean practitioners from virtually every business sector, our earliest members came from manufacturing and we remain committed to helping North America experience a manufacturing renaissance driven by people-centric leadership and enterprise excellence. The skills and experiences that veterans bring to the workforce — in manufacturing or other industries — can help organizations better overcome obstacles and remain positioned for long-term success.

For me, Veterans Day is personally important. I owe a tremendous amount of my upbringing, my values and my grit to my father, a retired Army officer who went on to channel the leadership skills and knowledge he gained in the military into a highly successful career. Meanwhile, my nephew is following in my father’s footsteps in the U.S. Army.

AME is proud to recognize the veterans who serve on our regional and national boards, in our volunteer ranks, in our membership and in the continuous improvement community. We are grateful for your involvement in AME and the lean movement.

I encourage all organizations to continue to hire veterans and provide skills training that supplements their military background. As we remember veterans’ service, we must remain dedicated to their future.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.