From the CEO: The choices that define us

AME | September 24, 2021


Life is a series of choices that we make every day. Some of these are small choices like what to eat for breakfast, what movie to stream on Netflix, or what shirt to wear. Others are big choices like where to live, what sort of career to pursue, or how to treat an illness.

We often overlook some of these decisions we make. Opening this very email was a choice that you made today, and you probably didn’t give it that much thought.

But making conscious choices are necessary to make small and big changes in our lives, and we can steer where we go based on the choices we make. I often think about Zig Zigler’s three Cs of life: “Choices. Chances. Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

This past week, I watched three people in my inner circle make three very different and very difficult choices. In each case, the people made decisions not because they necessarily wanted to, but because making a choice was necessary. But even in situations that are thrust upon us, what guides our choice making process?

In the three significant cases from this past week, the choices were guided after seeking expert and trusted counsel about the possible outcomes. Those making the decisions considered their lifelong values and how they could maintain their quality of life while looking themselves in the mirror. In each case, they considered the ramifications and selected the option that best aligned with their desired end goal and their individual true north.

What guides your choice making?

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to choose those with whom we affiliate and surround ourselves. If you see someone you admire, you can reach out and connect on LinkedIn. You can find likeminded individuals in niche online groups. Even the great resignation is showing that people have agency to make choices of where they work and what passions they pursue.

Likewise, we choose how to use our personal and professional development time. As a non-profit association, AME does not take it for granted that you have a choice for where you will spend your time and learn best-practices.  We are grateful that you’ve made the choice to connect with us. Thank you for making the choice to open this email and thank you for allowing us to help you share, learn and grow.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.


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