From the CEO: A Labor Day message on rest, relaxation and resolution

AME | September 1, 2023

Labor Day is an incredibly important holiday to honor workers – all those dedicated to hard work and accomplishing their dreams. In the past few years, workers across the globe have shown incredible resilience, dedication and innovation as they learned to navigate a new world. Whether in the front office or on the shop floor, resolute employees, laborers and hard workers alike performed their responsibilities despite unprecedented times.

Productivity is thriving, and the hard work shown by workers every day is so admirable. At the same time, the uncertainty we experienced during the past few years allowed many of us to slow down and dismantle this “productivity culture” we live in. We cannot be the most productive versions of ourselves if we do not allow ourselves adequate rest.

Labor Day is a day that honors the resolution and contributions of workers, but it’s also a day of rest. During this long weekend, embrace time for relaxation, vacation and time away from the screen or job site. Pressing the pause button on productivity promotes and creates space for creativity, innovation and efficiency when you return to work.

Growing up, Labor Day meant it was the end of summer. It was a sign that the school year would start the following week. It was the beginning of an exciting time, learning new things and meeting with my peers. It’s similar to the excitement brewing for the AME International Conference in eight weeks.

AME Cleveland 2023 is an opportunity to network and learn, but it’s also a chance to take a trip, explore a new city and have fun outside the conference. If you haven’t registered yet, last chance pricing has been extended to September 5, right after everyone returns to the office refreshed from a restful holiday.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.