From the CEO: Creating a meaningful one-two punch

AME | August 6, 2021



Peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Tom & Jerry.

There are things that we always associate together. When two things complement each other so perfectly, we’ve come to expect that when we hear one thing, the next will follow.

In your workplace, you probably think of employee wellbeing in terms of health and safety or your new products in terms of research and development. For the former, it’s not just about keeping your coworkers safe on the job, it’s also about thinking of their health holistically. For the latter, your organization doesn’t just complete research for research’s sake, it’s to ensure that your new developments bring value to your customers. You are always working to make sure your systems and processes work together to deliver lasting results that matter.

And that’s what the AME Everywhere 2021 and AME Dallas 2022 conference committees have pulled off for the next two conferences. These committees are made up of volunteers, practitioners, thought leaders, and AME staff. Together, they’ve considered the obstacles that our members and our community face each day as they try to bring their businesses back from many numerous challenges: supply chain disruptions, new safety protocols, workforce shortages, remote workers, and more.

The end result will be two AME international conferences that have been intentionally designed to meet the challenges you face now and will face in the future.

First, presenters at the AME Everywhere 2021 virtual conference (Oct. 18-21, 2021) are practitioners who have been in your shoes and successfully overcame adversity. They’ll share how they did it and you’ll leave the conference with the knowledge you need right now to help you continue to right the ship. You’ll cultivate ideas so that you can sustain people and processes and help your organization prosper.

Then, at AME Dallas 2022 (Oct. 17-20, 2022), our program will help you make sense of our disruptive world where advanced technologies, a shifting workforce, diverse and inclusive thinking, green initiatives, and a holistic enterprise-wide picture are helping to make organizations better. We live in a world where those who embrace these disruptions will thrive, and you will be empowered to harness the undeniable significance of disruption, grasp the power of a purpose-driven community, and build the network you can always count on — all so you and your organization can lead the way forward.

Those on a continuous improvement journey should think of AME Everywhere 2021 and AME Dallas 2022 as linked together in the same way a diner patron thinks of bacon and eggs.

Because these programs complement one another — and are all aligned to the AME Lean Sensei tool, no less — we are offering you the opportunity to bundle your registration so that you may by inspired by two years of lean, continuous improvement training while taking advantage of significant savings. We’re offering an opportunity to attend the virtual AME Everywhere 2021 and in-person AME Dallas 2022 for half-off both conferences. Or you may choose to register for AME Everywhere 2021 and received a free registration for the virtual components of AME Dallas 2022. Plus, with either option you’ll also receive six months of on-demand streaming access to conference recordings. Choose whichever options fits your schedule, budget, and preferred method of participation. Either way, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to help you continue with your recovery and embrace the disruptive future.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.