From the CEO: The power of a community that is both large and small

AME | July 16, 2021


We talk a lot about the “community” at AME. We are fortunate to be a part of a collaborative group of professionals who are focused on enterprise excellence. The AME mission to share, learn and grow is a great encapsulation of the mindset necessary to keep this community connected and moving forward.

There are many ways to subdivide a community. We can think of it in terms of geography, industry type, individual roles, and countless other groupings that allow us to examine our working conditions from unique perspectives and specialized niches. There are 2 Second Lean enthusiast subgroups. There are executive leader subgroups. There are geography-specific consortia. And AME, itself, is subdivided into nine North American regions — and that’s not to mention the thriving AME Australia organization.

There is great power when these groups come together at an AME summit or the AME International Conference. We’re able to network, learn from each other, and be inspired by best practices that are applicable in our organizations. This year we’re excited to help our conference participants cultivate ideas, sustain people and processes, and thrive during challenging conditions. In fact, we are so excited about our program and its importance to the community that we are offering two special bundle deals — including our lowest price ever! — to ensure that more people can benefit from the conference. These bundles allow registrants to choose from two options:

  1. Register for the virtual AME Everywhere 2021 conference and the in-person AME Dallas 2022 conference and you’ll receive half-off both!
  2. Register for the virtual AME Everywhere 2021 conference and receive a free registration for the virtual portion of the AME Dallas 2022 conference!

These are unprecedented deals for unprecedented times.

Beyond the conference, AME is proud to serve communities all over the world. But local communities must also be supported. We have partnered with to offer a panel discussion on American manufacturing next Friday, July 23. Later this year, Made in America will be showcasing American Made at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

We also have a great opportunity to hear from Terry Iverson, author of Finding America’s Greatest Champion, on July 27. These two special events are in addition to our other upcoming virtual offerings covering people-centric leadership, 2 Second Lean, team-based problem-solving, lean thinking’s role in the mass vaccination process, and more.

I encourage you to reconnect with the lean, enterprise excellence community at one of these upcoming events or at an AME Virtual Lean Coffee Break. Together, we can continue to pursue the share, learn and grow mission in order to make our community stronger.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.