From the CEO: Thinking of the future on the Fourth of July

AME | July 6, 2022

The Fourth of July is often quick to pass us by. Short term, it brings a celebratory air and the promise of a reprieve from our daily responsibilities. We may head outside with our neighbors for cookouts, sip beverages under the beating sun or watch fireworks in the distance. It is a day that, while short in length, is memorable for its high-energy impact.

Hundreds of years ago, the United States declared independence, and built a new nation. While hundreds of years may sound like a long time, the U.S. is a relatively young nation. As such, we continue to rewrite the course for our future, making mistakes, solving problems and changing course. As we share, learn and grow as a nation in a time of instability and uncertainty, remaining flexible and agile has never been more important. This is remarkably similar to what we experience in our respective industries.

Today, industry is changing a rapid pace, and we recognize the need to be flexible and agile. We all are experiencing supply chain issues and addressing the rapid change of digitalization. We are also brainstorming ways we can positively invest in our changing workforce capacity to achieve operational excellence.

AME is the go-to place for shared best practices. Before we head to the AME Dallas International Conference in October, we’ll host our third virtual summit on July 12, July 19, and July 26, focused on the “Workforce of the Future.” Over three days, we will equip participants with benchmarked best practices to develop a multi-generational workforce that is prepared for today and tomorrow. Learn about workplace culture, people-centric leadership, “new collar” workers, reverse mentorship, the reimagined workplace, veterans in the workforce, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and join us for some special virtual tours. Workshop attendance is free for AME members. Not yet a member? You can still register for $150.

Once we start investing in our employees and leadership alike, our workforces become healthier, operations steadily thrive and we begin to pave more robust livelihoods for future generations. If we commit to this mindset today, we are bound to witness outcomes reflective of continuous improvement. And that is worth celebrating this Fourth of July.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.