From the CEO: In the search for joy, a roadmap helps

AME | July 2, 2021



In the U.S. and Canada, the Independence Day and Canada Day holidays offer a chance to commemorate important national milestones. Informally, these days also mark about the one-third point of the summer. While I’m sad to type those words (no one wants to be the one who points out that summer is even one day closer to its end), marking the time is an important step as you plan and work toward goals.

The one-third point of the summer reminds us that there may be things on our summer to-do list that we need to fit into our schedules. Perhaps you have an outdoor project you want to get done while the weather is nice. Or you might want to spend some time at a beach or finish that light summer book that you bought in spring.

In your professional life, I’m sure that you’re constantly working within time constraints. You’ve likely created a formal project plan with goals, timelines and tasks. There are meetings, line of sight reports, and A3s attached to these work projects.

As we head into another fleeting summer weekend, I recommend that you follow the same process you use in your professional life as you plan out the rest of your summer. We must be deliberate in our pursuit of joy and self-care. In this search for happiness, you need a roadmap to guide the way. Take some time to think about your personal summer goals and how you’ll accomplish them in the next two months. Creating this plan will lead to a positive disposition and better outcomes both personally and professionally.

For my fellow Americans, I hope you have a happy Independence Day filled with friends, family, good food and fireworks. Likewise, I hope our Canadian members and friends enjoyed a good Canada Day yesterday and that you’re able to stretch the celebration all the way through the weekend!

And, for everyone in the AME community, please remember to savor your time and make a plan that will keep you energized for the coming months and beyond.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.