The greatest value in your organization

AME | June 24, 2022

A colleague recently shared a piece of advice that they received ahead of their first job interview, and it really stuck with me. In a nutshell: The interview doesn’t start when you walk into the office. Your impression starts with the first person you meet in the organization. It starts with your thank you to the security guard, your smile to the front desk personnel and your acknowledgment of all the employees you encounter. So treat everyone like you’re talking to the CEO.

This advice rings true for far more than just job interviews. It encompasses how we all should live and work. Whatever your industry or department, whether you're in the c-suite or on the front line, without respect for people, there can be no continuous improvement. An employee who does not feel valued will not offer up ideas. When problems go unresolved, innovation stops.

This brings to mind another pearl of wisdom from our AME Everywhere 2021 keynote speaker, Bob Chapman, the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller. He said, "In the end, it is about truly caring for every precious human being whose life we touch. It is about including everybody, not just the fortunate few or the exceptionally talented."

The greatest value in your organization is standing right next to you. And we would all do well to remember that excellence starts with how we speak to each other. How we listen. How we disagree and resolve conflict. How we turn crisis into opportunity. How we lead.

This is the foundation of all AME programming. Our upcoming AME Workforce of the Future Summit will have an entire day dedicated to leadership. The summit will be presented on three non-consecutive days (July 12, 19 and 26) and is free for our members.

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As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.