From the CEO: The emblem of the land I love

AME | June 20, 2024

Did you know Flag Day in the USA was last Friday, June 14? It commemorates the adoption of the American flag by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, during the Revolutionary War. The flag, known as the "Stars and Stripes," has 13 alternating red and white stripes and a blue field with 13 white stars representing the original colonies. Read more about the history of this day here.

I read an article in the Smithsonian Magazine that shed light on some unique facts. Did you know that a Wisconsin school teacher, Bernard Cobrand, created America's Flag Day? He first led the charge by celebrating it in his school in 1885 and spent his life advocating for the holiday. It wasn't until 1916 that it received official recognition when President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree establishing the holiday.

You've heard of the legendary Betsy Ross, whose affiliation with the American flag is quite mysterious. Contrary to what we might have heard, there is no historical evidence that Betsy Ross made the first American flag. Ross was a Philadelphia upholsterer who crafted uniforms, tents and flags for Continental forces, but her specific contribution to the flag's design remains uncertain. Despite the lack of definitive proof, Betsy Ross is a celebrated icon of patriotism and women's contributions during the American Revolution.

People across the globe have a passionate relationship with their flags. In Europe, the first Flag Days were established in the 1910s, many in June, a time of traditional summer festivals. According to the Guinness World Records, Denmark has the oldest flag in the world, having been adopted in 1625. Of the 196 country flags generally recognized, almost a third use some shade of red. Blue and white are the second and third most common colors, meaning the United States and the United Kingdom are unexceptional in their patriotic hues.

In honor of this year's Flag Day, please have "Fun with Flags" (a Big Bang Theory reference, in case you were wondering) and honor your flag's history and significance. If you are looking for a USA-made flag or homegrown American products, consider visiting AME's partner, Made in USA.

I would like to recognize an AME member company. Richard Lebovitz is the CEO of LeanDNA, a purpose-built analytics platform for factory inventory optimization. LeanDNA has been honored as a Partner in Collaborative Innovation at the 2024 Manufacturing Leadership Council Awards Gala! Lebovitz serves on the AME Southwestern Regional Board and is an extraordinary volunteer. Congratulations to Richard Lebovitz and his team.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.