From the CEO: The importance of recharging & a thank you to our servicemen and women

AME | May 24, 2020



Working in the pandemic era has presented new challenges. While some of you have returned to or never left your offices or the production floor, many are working remotely from home. For those in the latter situation, you might have experienced the phenomenon that I experience each day: I look at the time and it’s 9 a.m., and then the next thing I know – several Zoom calls and dozens of emails later — it’s 5 o’clock and I’m not sure where the day has gone.

In 2020, the workday is blending into the evening and weekends, and it’s difficult to create a good work-life balance and recharge. But as we continue through the Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., I encourage you to step away and give your brain a break. COVID-19 has challenged all of us in new and different ways. We’re always on our toes as we shift our work practices and keep an eye on the safety of ourselves, loved ones, colleagues, and even complete strangers. Stress levels are at all-time highs. You may find some helpful tips in the webinar we recently hosted with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, “Staying sane in ‘insane’ times.”

Meanwhile, I am aware that several of you are dealing with the uncertainty of your job situation. You or your significant other may have been let go and are in the search for a new position. Please know that we are here for you. We continue to offer a variety of free webinars and idea exchanges along with our modestly priced paid programming. Our complete calendar of events is available on our website at AME also has a robust job board where you can find listings of available lean- and manufacturing-related positions.

This weekend, please be sure you’re taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Get some sleep, find quiet moments to relax, and seek out moments of joy — both big and small — that can help reenergize you.

Finally, it is very important to me that we acknowledge Memorial Day and the men and women among us who have served in the military to protect our freedoms. As a former employee of a major defense contractor, the daughter of a military veteran and the aunt of a nephew serving in the armed service, I am well aware of the sacrifices you have made. Thank you for your service and your selfless dedication to protect us.

And as always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.


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