From the CEO: Find true belonging and community

AME | May 22, 2024

AME Consortia membership is one of the most valuable parts of AME. An AME Consortium is a group of local companies that collaborate to develop broad, deep and accelerated lean-CI progress better, faster and easier than they can do alone. These dynamic practitioner-to-practitioner networks are designed to accelerate the companies’ journeys toward excellence through:

  • Rotating member company plant tours
  • Round-table discussions on hot issues
  • Special interest groups focused on a common hot issue (5S, VSM, pull, SCM, etc.)
  • Auditor exchanges for deeper application of lean-CI practices
  • Shared-cost learning events
  • Leveraging the AME Lean Sensei for practical and deeper assessment opportunities

It is so inspiring to see the connections made at the regional level where people get together to SHARE, LEARN and GROW. AME Consortia membership differentiates AME from other organizations, and members find true value in belonging.

The Salt Lake City AME Consortia is an example of a highly successful group. Their vision for 2026 includes “community and industry impact” as a key pillar for success. This April, they took a step in that direction, holding their first Community Lean & CI Summit for local non-profit organizations. Some of the great causes supported by this event included clean water access in developing countries, STEM education, and educating children and first-generation immigrants.

This summit received overwhelmingly positive feedback (90% were very likely to recommend it). We would like to thank the hosts, US Synthetic, a ChampionX company, and the organizers, Diem Lewis from HME, Landon Garner from US Synthetic, and Salt Lake City AME Consortia facilitator Jon Spiesman.

Attendees shared what they liked about the event, including the "ability to learn more about lean and CI and how to improve processes/services, the variety of learning from classroom to simulation, the opportunity to meet new people, learning about organizations and their impact for good, the inspiring stories shared, the quality of the presentation, and the memorable experience for presenters and guests." They also raved about the racecar simulation.

Reach out to to learn more about the AME Consortium in your area or how to start a new one. As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.