From the CEO: "Retirement" becomes "rewirement" with this mindset

AME | May 3, 2024

I recently read an article in Forbes by a successful entrepreneur and coach who encouraged readers to reframe how we think about retirement. She proposed that “retirement” can become a “rewirement” of our approach to developing fully integrated lifestyles. When making that daunting transition away from our primary career, there’s ample opportunity to find empowerment and contentment through a balance of professional goals that keep our brains stimulated and personal endeavors that enrich our lives.

Her words made me think about how Lean encourages us to “rewire” our thought processes while on the job. It’s nearly impossible to have a successful career without “rewiring” our approach to problem-solving. In some sense, we can liken continuous improvement professionals to the mechanics or electricians of industry, constantly tweaking small components to achieve a fully functioning product.

Rewiring suggests actively deconstructing the way we think about a given set of circumstances and then booting up a brand-new perspective. As lean thinkers, we constantly analyze the systems that make our everyday lives run smoothly and collaborate on increasing productivity and efficiency.

It’s one of the many practices that make me proud to be a part of AME. We never find contentment in mediocrity or “good enough.” Instead, we problem-solve and innovate for best practices and sure-fire solutions, all while keeping the importance of the bigger picture in mind.

If you’re like me and feel the blast of motivation that comes with the onset of spring, I encourage you to check out our upcoming AME Events, including:

And if April showers bring May summits, then be sure to register for our AME Nashville 2024 Lean Summit at the end of May. You will hear from two incredible keynote speakers. Crystal Davis will share how, with the advent of AI, robots, data currency, and generational differences, we understand the future of work and its impact on culture. Cindy Hinds will challenge us to "Be the bacon" and develop leader volition to your lean transformation through coaching. You will also have the opportunity to go on tours to A.O. Smith Corporation, Bath Fitter, Delta Faucet Company, Schneider Electric, Trane Technologies and Vanderbilt Medical Center Enterprise Laboratory and Case Cart Operations Center.

I look forward to seeing you all there. Thank you for making our industry one that constantly “rewires” to achieve the best possible practices.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.