From the CEO: Applauding supporters and volunteers

AME | April 15, 2022


Around the AME ecosphere yesterday, a committee of volunteers discussed how to help our members take better advantage of our considerable member benefits and how we might engage non-members so they can benefit from the AME network, knowledge and training. In another meeting, our regional presidents – also all volunteers – came together to discuss each region’s consortia, events, the AME International Conference, and how to bring younger generations into leadership roles within AME. Meanwhile, there were countless one-on-one and small group meetings among AME volunteers and staff.

This all happened yesterday, but with our army of volunteers, it is typical of any day at AME.

Now, I know I’m jumping the gun a little here. National Volunteer Week, after all, is next week, but I can’t help but call out our volunteers today. AME could not exist without the contributions our volunteers make day in and day out. Did you know volunteers lead our conference and summit committees, Champions Club, AME Consortia, our national programming efforts, the AME Excellence Award team, and the AME Lean Sensei® redesign, and so many additional elements of the AME experience? The home team and I are grateful for the support we receive, and this support directly translates to a better membership experience for our entire community.

In fact, this support extends beyond AME and touches just about anyone on an operational excellence journey. For example, Doug Carlberg — a long-time AME volunteer and AME Mac McCulloch Lifetime Achievement Award recipient — recently received the San Antonio Manufacturing Association (SAMA) President Award for his dedication to that organization and local San Antonio manufacturers. He’s also very involved in the Shingo Institute, the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), the Lean Certification Alliance, and elsewhere. Of course, I am most grateful for the time that volunteers like Doug put in on behalf of AME, but I applaud Doug and others for their efforts to ensure that manufacturers everywhere are supported in myriad ways from organizations like SAMA, Shingo, and TMAC. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

And so, as we head into National Volunteer Week, I want to thank all our volunteers for their efforts on behalf of AME and the communities we serve. If you’re not yet volunteering with AME and are interested in supporting the lean, continuous improvement community, please learn more and fill out the form on our volunteer webpage.

Lastly, April is a special month for people of many faiths and backgrounds. Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, Ramadan or anything else this month, I wish you a blessed holiday. 

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.