From the CEO: "You can continuously cope, or you can continuously improve; the choice is yours."

AME | March 29, 2024

I had the opportunity last week to hear AME volunteer Robert B. Hafey (Bob) share his expertise in “Lean Safety: Workforce engagement and culture change.” Ryan Zeng, AME Seattle Consortium facilitator, sponsored this training, which resonated so deeply.

Hafey shared how lean and continuous improvement are pieces of a trust-building journey. He stated that all team members value safety, so beginning with a focus on safety is a terrific way to engage everyone. Safety is common ground on which we can build trust.

We need to remember that we can build trust through lean principles. Without trust, collaboration is impossible, and growth becomes stagnant. Team members who do not trust each other will not feel comfortable freely sharing ideas. Lean principles emphasize continuous improvement, respect for people, and waste elimination. At its core, lean is about empowering individuals, encouraging open communication, and cultivating a culture of transparency. This is where trust is so empowering and critical.

Our lean journey requires us to be open-minded, willing to embrace change, and committed to collective success. As we embark on this trust-building continuous improvement journey, I encourage each of us to approach it with an open heart, collaborative spirit, and willingness to share, learn, and grow. Let’s cultivate an environment where trust flourishes in our commitment to our shared vision. As Hafey said, “You can continuously cope, or you can continuously improve; the choice is yours.” Thank you, Bob Hafey.

Speaking of cultivating environments of growth, I am excited to share a workforce development opportunity coming on April 18. TrailPaths, Inc. business leader and chair Robert O. Martichenko and co-founder and CEO Matt Melrose are hosting a one-hour virtual event, "Building meaningful employment environments," where you can learn about current research and operational initiatives imperative to building meaningful employment environments. As the nature of work changes and modernizes, our organizational cultures and leadership strategies will stretch to fit the new mold. We invite you to come absorb new insights from a company with decades of experience and lessons learned through its efforts in lean and enterprise excellence focused on continuous improvement.

Before we part for Easter weekend, I'd like to express my deepest condolences to everyone affected by the tragic collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge. The AME home team sends love and prayers to the people and loved ones impacted by this catastrophic event. Additionally, we are immensely grateful for the first responders on the scene and who continue to work hard to help those affected.

In light of this unexpected tragedy, I want to remind you that AME is dedicated to its members, volunteers, and community during difficult times. We are here to support our Mid-Atlantic Regional Board or anyone in our community affected by the devastation in Baltimore. Please reach out to me directly if you need any assistance.

To those who celebrate Easter, may you have a joyful and meaningful celebration. And to everyone, may this season bring you peace, happiness, and an abundance of trust.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.