From the CEO: Simple is better

AME | March 14, 2024

April is right around the corner, promising warmer weather, lighter evenings, and an enriching AME event season.

AME has some incredible learning opportunities in April. Join us in person on April 10 for the Blue Q: Benchmarking Plant Tour, where we will expand the future through lean innovation and observe a culture of enthusiasm, engagement, and empowerment. Take a tour and hear from employees about the incredible lean journey that has been going strong for eight years. Learn about their innovative success through funny and humbling stories, examples of team events and unimaginable business results.

On April 12, take a benchmarking tour of Sportech, where you will learn about teamwork and development from a mature organization on the leading edge of continuous improvement.

And, of course, you cannot miss the virtual learning event Building meaningful employment environments with Robert Martichenko of TrailPaths Incorporated on April 18.

Don't forget that the remainder of March offers the same amount of exciting learning opportunities.

Confucius shared, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." I believe simple is better. However, we all know people with the superpower to make the "simple" difficult. Let's reverse that and make the "difficult" simple.

You can learn how to do this through the AME Back to Basics Lean Summit, which takes place virtually each Wednesday in March. This summit will introduce (or reintroduce) the fundamental lean principles and concepts that form the backbone of many of our best practices. The last two sessions will be on March 20, focused on leadership, and on March 27, sharing basic tools. Our closing keynote speaker, Billy Ray Taylor, will summarize our four-week journey to excellence, recapping new layers of insights, strategies, and tools to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Don't miss the chance to invigorate your business strategy and witness tangible results on the path to unprecedented success.

I love this Back to Basics annual event for many reasons. It allows us to connect with thought leaders from around the world, truly highlighting how global AME's network reaches. We learn from the brightest minds in our industry and are given a structured environment to ask questions we might have long forgotten need answering.

As continuous improvement professionals, we're tasked with navigating extraordinarily complex systems, each presenting its own string of challenges. It's easy to become so enveloped in an issue that we no longer view the bigger picture. When we return to the basics, solutions prove easier than we might initially think.

That's why this summit benefits everyone, from the lean newcomer to the most seasoned lean practitioner. Our veterans will be able to reimagine ways that lean basics can be applied to tackle new challenges. And our cadets will be introduced to the building blocks of our entire profession. We welcome all those interested in lean and its fundamental principles, especially those who want to join a thriving community of lean thinkers and thought leaders.

I look forward to seeing you all either in person or on screen at one of the AME Events.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.