From the CEO: Becoming a champion of people and ideas

AME | February 26, 2021


Ideas and people need a champion. For an idea, the champion advocates and evangelizes while building an alliance to support the idea’s adoption. For people, the champion empowers, mentors and sponsors individuals to accomplish more. Both roles for a champion are important.

A champion needs vision and courage. They are leading change agents who have influence to make change occur in their company. Champions understand that a coalition has more power than an individual, and they work to empower others and share their wisdom so that others can help move things forward.

We know the importance that these individuals have within the lean, continuous improvement community. That’s why AME offers a specialized Champions Club membership for influential leaders and executive change agents within an organization or facility. Champions Club members meet and learn with their fellow members during roundtables, in special sessions at the AME International Conference and during exclusive facility tours. In the past year, this select group of influencers have participated in discussions with authors and industry leaders including Col. Arthur Athens, Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino, Bob Hafey, Dr. Randy Ross, and more. Plus, there are several equally exciting speakers on the horizon.

One thing that makes AME Champions Club so special is that the members are not just champions within their own companies. The members are advocates for the lean mindset beyond the boundaries of their organizations. They are leaders in the operational excellence movement, and they work to promote the continuous improvement mentality to anyone on or considering a lean journey.

It has been tremendous to watch our Champions Club grow this past year. As you may know, Burgess Oliver laid a strong foundation for the club before his retirement last year. Since then, Mark Preston has volunteered his time and energy to pick up where Burgess left off and carry the mantle forward. He is a champion among champions, and his vision and drive are maximizing the value of a Champions Club membership. Mark’s passion is inspiring, and I am grateful that he is helping our community embrace the champion mindset so that we can all move forward. If you’re interested in learning more about Champions Club or think a colleague or friend would benefit from the club, I encourage you to reach out to Mark directly for information.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.

P.S. I hope you saw the initial keynote announcement for this year’s AME International Conference. You can find out more about the first two keynote speakers and lock in our lowest registration price during our presale.