From the CEO: Helping others level-up

AME | February 18, 2022


In last week’s message, I mentioned the unseen but important role that Jamaica’s 1988 men’s bobsled team played by inspiring future bobsledders to try the sport. Older generations can lead the way, show what’s possible, and offer a hand to help others step up to the next level.

To help future generations of workers in any sector step up, career and technical education (CTE) provides an essential pathway. When we support programs and schools that provide career path education and skills training, we are inspiring future generations and giving them the know-how to pursue their aspirations in productive ways.

Glenn Marshall, a volunteer on AME’s management team, is a passionate advocate for CTE programs. He rightly points out that our educational systems need to prepare and graduate skilled career-ready citizens who can replenish the talent pipeline that’s eroded due to the pandemic and the Great Resignation. Many of our members and their organizations are looking for the next generation of new collar workers – those who have technical and soft skills that they often gain from a non-traditional educational path and without an advanced degrees – to help them solve today’s challenges in our changing labor market. CTE programs provide a pathway for these workers to emerge.

Beyond CTE, we all have a role in helping others discover the transformative power of lean. That’s one reason why AME is focused so heavily on helping the next generation ramp up their skills and knowledge. In fact, our Back to Basics Lean Summit — a free benefit for AME members — will focus on giving participants a strong lean foundation (or a refresher of their existing knowledge). Additionally, on March 3, we’re providing a free opportunity to watch Bob Chapman’s keynote on Truly Human Leadership and to ask him questions about his experiences. Meanwhile, our Emerging Leaders Program provides a pipeline for future lean champions to gain training necessary so they can take a leadership role in their organization, AME and the lean community.

All of this leads up to the 2022 AME International Conference. The incredible program that conference chair Dan McDonnell and the AME Dallas 2022 committee are creating focuses on embracing the myriad disruptions we all face. Whether you are on the front line or the front office or at the start, middle or end of your career, the AME Dallas 2022 presenters, tours, keynotes and workshops are all designed to provide you with inspiration to take your next steps. You’ll hear directly from practitioners about successes and failures — because there are lessons to be learned from both. Just as CTE can inspire the next generation, AME Dallas 2022 will inspire you to level-up, improve your organization, and embrace disruption.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.