From the CEO: Resolving to reach your goals

AME | January 8, 2021


Happy New Year!

Through a quick and unscientific Google search, I just learned that New Year’s resolutions date back 4,000 years to ancient Babylon — at least that’s what articles from Fast Company,, Mental Floss and even Teen Vogue would have me believe.

As lean, continuous improvement practitioners, we are always resolved to improve things in our professional and personal lives. It’s hard to turn off the instinct to identify where progress can be made. Some of us are hardwired to go through the AME Lean Sensei checklist as we view processes in our homes, workplaces and elsewhere. 

But the start of a new year affords us a time to reflect on the big picture and look ahead to what we can do differently or better. It is a chance to benchmark and reassess progress. And it is a time to set goals and daily habits for the year ahead.

For my part, I have resolved to practice gratitude every day this year. I am working with a group of fellow continuous improvement practitioners on this resolution and keeping a gratitude journal to help me be mindful of the things for which I am grateful.

I have mentioned the importance of sharing gratitude many times in these weekly emails. Showing gratitude is as important as ever, but this week my focus is more on the intentional setting of resolutions. Setting a goal makes it real. It puts us on a path of action toward continuous improvement.

As you look ahead to what you’d like to accomplish this year, please keep AME in mind as a resource to help you on your journey. Whether it’s through our upcoming events, 2020 AME International Conference on-demand content, AME Atlanta 2021, our YouTube, LinkedIn and Target channels, or myriad other offerings, we’re eager to help you and your organization.

The first step, of course, is to set your goals.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.