2 Second Lean Tour Series

AME is proud to present a series of 2 Second Lean tours hosted by Paul Akers.

The tour series highlights organizations from around the globe that are reaping the benefits of 2 Second Lean. You'll see how they're doing it and find inspiration that will help you and your organization find similar success.

Each tour has been carefully constructed to concisely deliver the information you need to bring ideas and insights back to your organization and life. Everything you need is embedded in these quick 35 minute tours. And because they're virtual and offered free of charge, you'll be able to join from anywhere no matter your training budget.

2 Second Lean Testimonials



Upcoming 2 Second Lean Tours

We'll take a virtual visit to Southwest Steel Buildings on June 12, 2024 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Eastern Time.  Click here to register!

Two Second Lean Tour of  Southwest Steel Buildings

Our major focus is BUILDING People!

Tour area highlights.

  • Morning Meetings (Focused on 4 key objectives) Setting the tone for the day
  • Shake out the day (Identifying clear work objectives for the day and seeing what areas, need protection by the rest of the team to accomplish the day's work)
  • Lean Discussion - Set a Challenge for the Day -
  • Mindset over Skill Set - Our focus is challenging the way people think so they can GROW! A proper mindset is more valuable than a rigid skill set. (Learn, Unlearn, Relearn)


  • Areas of operation will include: departments, processes, featured best practices (e.g, kaizen, quality management, people centered leadership, preventive maintenance, customer relationship management, incentive plans, visual management, other lean best practices).
  • During the tour team members will share about their improvements. How the work was accomplished before and after the improvement. Share lean concepts and leadership principles.

Southwest Steel Buildings manufacture and supply steel building components to contractors and commercial customers.

We have 3 types of customers:

  • Local contractors
  • Small business owners looking for someone to help design and offer turn-key construction service
  • People looking for metal for an RV cover, metal roof or any small project, and will handle the install themselves.

We have one location, 35,000 sqft facility in Mineola, TX. We build rollform metal panels for use in steel buildings and metal roofing slit, cut, and fold tims used in steel buildings and metal roofing. Design, engineer, detail, and fabricate steel buildings for use in residential, commercial, and light industrial markets. There are 25 team members (full-time employees); 11 in production and shipping, 11 in customer service, sales, engineering and project management, four in administrative and IT. https://www.BuildSouthwest.com

Missed a tour, please access past tours on AME's YouTube channel.


About Paul Akers

Paul Akers is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker and lean maniac. His company, FastCap, has a catalog of more than 600 woodworking products with more than 3000 distributors in 40 countries. He credits the astounding business growth to a fun, dynamic culture in which each of the employees puts into practice at least one two-second improvement per day. Akers developed that culture by hiring the right people, relentlessly teaching and reinforcing the eight wastes in a daily morning meeting, and empowering people to experiment and fail. He believes that until you and your employees see waste in everything that you do, you won’t understand lean.