Sponsor showcase: Rever Frontline Activation

Activating frontline employees: Examples from the field
Wednesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
12:40pm-1:00pm Virtual

Times listed in EDT.

Learn how companies such as Bridgestone, Thermo Fisher, Grupo Bimbo, MARS, GSK and others are using technology to activate their frontline employees to expose issues and improvements, collaborate to address these items, and share learnings across their organizations. In this showcase, we will look at a variety of case studies showing how these companies have created a culture, systematic approach and technology platform:

  • Thermo Fisher driving a global operational excellence (OpEx) program
  • Bridgestone empowering a Diverse Workforce
  • Grupo Bimbo aligning standard work, checklists, and continuous improvement
  • Mitsubishi maintaining the momentum of an OpEx culture
  • MARS transforming checklists in action
  • More