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The future of work: Tech and data 4.0

A conversation with experts in data, technology, AI and the cloud


Panel Discussion
Wednesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
1:30pm-3:00pm Virtual WS/21

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You’ll want to be part of this conversation with experts in data, technology, AI and the cloud as they share their insights in manufacturing, health care, education and business. Leveraging these experts’ experiences, you’ll learn how they optimize current and future technologies, capture data that matters and equip their organizations with the right data to be successful at the right time in the most secure way possible. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to ask questions of each speaker when the session moves from a moderator-led panel into smaller group discussions. The panelists and moderator will rotate through each small group. Be inspired to question, share and imagine how you can better leverage technology and data within your organization.


Understanding and planning for the future of work is no longer a luxury reserved for long-term strategic planning conversations. It has become a must for every organization hoping to survive and thrive post-pandemic. During a moderator-led panel in the first half of this interactive session, you’ll hear from successful leaders about senior leadership’s responsibilities in the future of work; leveraging the cloud and AI to optimize data usage; how data governance, cataloging and security are critical to success; and how optimizing workforces may boost the return on your technology and data investment. During the second half of the session, you’ll be moved into small break out rooms, through which each panelist and the moderator will rotate to continue the conversation at a more personalized level.


Deepak Gaddipati is the founder and chief technology officer of VirtuSense, an organization focused on using artificial intelligence (AI), technology, data and ingenuity to assist in the care of patients in hospital and long-term care centers. Initially started to understand why doctors were unable to diagnose his grandmother as a fall-risk, Gaddipati created multiple tools that not only predict fall-risk potential but also help healthcare workers remotely monitor patient movements for potential fall activities. A leading authority in computer vision and AI, Gaddipati and his team developed the first airport security scanner that locates hidden explosives on passengers. He also worked with the U.S. Army on multiple projects involving machine vision. 

Ken Taylor currently serves as the cloud architect at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). For the past twelve years, he has focused on large-scale data analytics and data engineering using cloud technologies in the agriculture, internet advertising and finance industries. He brings additional experience in mobile phones, secure operating systems, biometrics and database systems. By leveraging technology, innovation, and experience in developing applications for high-speed, high-volume processes, Taylor and his team created and stood up the All COVID Test Pipeline cloud-based system for UIUC to replace its overwhelmed Excel spreadsheet “system” in only 2.5 months. Not only was the enterprise system designed and completed while more than 10,000 to 15,000 tests were being conducted each day, but it resulted in a return on investment via actual savings per test that began being realized on day one of implementation. 


Margaret Dospiljulian is a management consultant focused on assisting organizations and senior leaders in how best to engage, equip and empower teams to optimize their organizations’ performance excellence and marketing. As an alum of both Deloitte and Baxter Healthcare, Margaret has had opportunities to work across industries, operate as a COO, directly manage over 100 team members, and grow a $150 million portfolio to $250 million in under two years. Dospiljulian is currently providing business and leadership consulting to the Illinois Governor’s Office around two innovative IT system implementations focused on improving processes and outcomes, and informing legislative policies. She also shares her consulting experiences by sitting on multiple boards.