Intermediate level

Automating standard work documentation

Automate your standard work documents while also creating a "what if" playground


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
11:30am-12:30pm Virtual WS/15

Times listed in EDT.


Learn a faster and easier way to create the documents needed to establish and update standard work, including operator load charts and individual standard work combo sheets.


When conducting a time study on a new process or an established process, completing all the documents for a playbook set to a certain takt is time-consuming. Another issue is that there is no playground to move people around electronically when trying to level load the line. It takes time to physically move operators around and re-time the work—all to find that magic balance.

With Excel, you can automate most processes to record standard work and produce the required documents. Excel also provides a playground to take work from one operator, give it to another and see immediately what happens to the operator load chart. Then, once the best possible scenario is documented, a single click prints all the required documents.


Brent Weichers is the senior program manager of continuous improvement for Amazon Kitchen. He has 35 years of lean transformation experience, with Toyota and Danaher as the largest portion of his professional background. He has trained federal government agencies and major corporations through their lean journey. After six years specializing in training the blind and deafblind in lean and six sigma, Weichers went on to serve as continuous improvement director at Ventec Life Systems in Bothell, Washington.