Session Styles

These are the various session styles that will be offered at the AME Dallas 2022 conference:

Practitioner Presentation (1 hour):
50-minute resentation given by lean practitioners + 10-minute Q&A.

Deep Dive Session (1 hour):
Continuation of keynote/practitioner presentation + Q&A or session with subject matter experts + Q&A.

Speed Chat with Experts (1.5 to 2 hours): 
Panel session with senior leaders/subject matter experts. First hlaf will be presentations by panelists + Q&A / second half will be panelists rotating around small groups.

Panel Discussion (1 hour):
Panel session with senior leaders/subject matter experts + Q&A (no rotation by panelists).

Idea Exchange (1 hour):
Each session has a different topic for discussion with a facilitator guiding the dialogue. Participants can ask questions of the group and share their ideas and perspectives.

Speednetworking (1 hour):
A high-impact and structured event that produces exceptional results. Get engaged by enhancing your networking opportunities by being in control of who you connect with.

Workshop (4 hours or 8 hours):
Highly interactive (i.e. simulations) which includes specific takeaways, provides information such as problem identification, lean tool selection, success verification and much more. Helps inspire participants toward world-class competitiveness.