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Sierra Performance System: Putting People First to Accelerate Change



The Sierra Army Depot team, led by Lt. Col. Russell Henry, has spent the last several years revitalizing its lean efforts by engaging the hearts and minds of the workforce through implementing the Sierra Performance System. The mission is to become the Army's premier facility dedicated to asset reutilization, regeneration and redistribution — the Army's end of first life center. To connect all 1,500 people to the strategy, the depot developed the Sierra Performance System: People First, Pride in Excellence, Sierra Strong.

Henry is a true lean believer and, with his team, will show how they have leveraged the Commander's Intent and Strategy to operationalize strategy, and engage all leaders and artisans to make breakthrough improvements in quality, timeliness and cost. The tour will highlight the depot’s model value stream, parts harvesting, which will ensure Army soldiers are mission-ready and also has the potential of saving the U.S. taxpayer over $77 million. Highlights of the tour include mission control with tiered huddles, issues escalated in less than four hours if needed to command, cultural development with a servant leadership mindset, parts harvest flow cells with visual management delivering parts in under four hours (vs. baseline of 124 hours), daily team problem solving around metrics linked to strategy and much more.


Sierra Army Depot is the U.S. Army’s Center for Industrial Technical Excellence for all petroleum and water distribution systems. Sierra is also the Army's premiere and largest facility dedicated to equipment retrograde, regeneration, reutilization and redistribution. With 36,000 acres of high desert terrain, it provides distinct storage advantages with ample space, low humidity and low precipitation — excellent for the long-term storage of mechanized vehicles.