Essex Industries 
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Continuous Improvement and Employee Engagement



Essex has been on its lean journey for two years. This tour will take you through a few areas that Essex has successfully implemented lean tools over in the last few years as well as see areas it still needs to improve. You will go through its machine shop where the company has been implementing 5S, SMED and visual management. You will see how Essex is using 3D printing and a vinyl printer to enhance its 5S program. You will also see how employee engagement in the machine shop and other areas are helping the team win and improve continuously. Essex will also show you its lean training certification program that was just started and share related insights.



Founded in 1947 by Harold and Sidney Guller in their father’s basement, Essex Industries has grown to seven facilities, with over 260,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 400+ employees. The Gullers’ first product, an F-214 Radio Noise Filter, was designed to meet a specific requirement for that aircraft. Over the past seven decades, the product range has grown to include a variety of platform controls and aircraft components. As a result, Essex Industries has been a part of virtually every major military and commercial aerospace program since 1947.



A background check is required. Participant and company names will be checked against the government consolidated screening database, which checks to make sure participants are U.S. citizens with no issues with the U.S. government. Only U.S. persons working for a U.S. registered company will be allowed on this tour.

For those who do meet these requirements, AME will offer a tour of M2 Global, a supplier of microwave products and precision manufacturing services for the defense and other industries, as an alternative tour.