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Lean Six Sigma in a large blood program

Blood component production and mobile staging



See how lean methodologies allow Carter BloodCare to serve 54 Texas counties and process 1,000 unites of blood each day. 


This tour will showcase lean methodologies in two major activities of the blood center:

  1. Each day, approximately 30 mobile blood drives are held throughout North Texas. Each blood drive has a projected number of donors, which require various pieces of equipment and materials. The lean tools implemented were 5S workplace organization, visual controls and inventory control through minimum/maximum level.
  2. Approximately 1,000 units of blood are collected daily. Each of these units must be processed within eight hours of collection through the blood center's component production area. The lean tools implemented were batch size reduction, cellular layout and 5S workplace organization.


Carter BloodCare is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that operates on behalf of patients and their loved ones in 54 Texas counties. The organization was formed in 1998 through the merger of BloodCare in Dallas and Carter Blood Center located in Fort Worth. In April of 2007, Carter BloodCare announced a merger with Tyler-based Stewart Regional Blood Center. Carter BloodCare is now Texas' largest blood center, providing more than 330,000 units of lifesaving blood components for patients annually.

It is the primary provider of blood components and transfusion services for approximately 300 Texas health care facilities. These facilities include the region's children's hospitals, central trauma centers, major cancer centers and transplant centers. Carter BloodCare also provides specialized laboratory and patient care services, physician consultation, and educates professionals in transfusion medicine and medical technologists specializing in blood banking.