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The seven underutilized steps to overcoming lean resistance

Why people may be resistant to implementing lean principles
Friday, Oct. 13 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Sheraton, 2nd floor, Back Bay Ballroom D FW/06

Hear about the most popular objections you may encounter when beginning your lean journey. These can come from all levels of the organization - from the CEO to the janitor. Delve into examples from each to teach you how to address them.


Henry Ford once reportedly posed this question: “Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, it comes with a brain attached?” Contrast this to Taiichi Ohno’s quote, “People don’t go to Toyota to work, they go there to think.” The important difference is having a highly-engaged versus a disengaged workplace. Consider these facts:

  • 67% of employees report feeling disengaged from their jobs on a daily basis
  • 76% of employees report 'feeling tired' at work (15% have actually fallen asleep!)
  • 44% have gained 'stress weight' while at their current job.

Lean is hard enough; trying to do so with an unmotivated, tired, overwhelmed and overworked team is impossible. This interactive program will expand upon the real reasons people are resistant to change and what you can take action on immediately to create organizational change for the better. Discover proven tools and techniques that will help you garner support for your lean transformation, giving you the absolute best chance for sustained lean success.


New England Lean Consulting helps businesses deliver value to its customers by eliminating waste from their processes and engaging employees in a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. By focusing on the interactions between people, processes and corporate culture, it is able to help guide and assist organizations along their lean journey.

Presenter: Paul Critchley

Paul Critchley is president of New England Lean Consulting and has a broad range of operations, safety and leadership experience that has spanned more than 20 years. He is the co-author of "The Whole Professional, A Collection of Essays to Help You Achieve a Full and Satisfying Life." Critchley holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering, a MS degree in management and a MS degree in organizational leadership. He is a board member of the AME Northeast Region.