Striving for E3 - Excellence Every day in Everything we do

Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
8:30am-12:15pm Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 313 WT/09



Note: Do not wear loose clothing.

Optos is a leading medical technology company for the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices. Ultra-widefield retinal imaging is an important tool for the screening and diagnosis of eye problems, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal holes/retinal tears and age-related macular degeneration. It can also indicate evidence of non-eye diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers. At Optos, we believe that our technology and preventative eye care screening leads to the diagnosis and treatment of eye and non-eye disease at an earlier stage – this can save sight and save lives. Our optomap retinal imaging provides eye care professionals with enhanced diagnostic capabilities and our team takes pride in working closely with our customers to help them improve the lives of their patients. We aim to operate to high standards in all our activities, employ skilled and responsible people and strive to build trusted relationships within the markets where we do business. We strive for E3 - Excellence Everyday in Everything we do.


Optos has the vision to be the retina company and recognized as a leading provider of devices to eyecare professionals for improved patient care. Its core devices produce ultra-widefield (UWF™), high resolution digital images (optomap®) of approximately 82% or 200◦ of the retina, something no other device is capable of doing in any single image. An optomap image provides a bigger picture and more clinical information which facilitates the early detection, management and effective treatment of disorders and diseases evidenced in the retina such as retinal detachments and tears, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. Retinal imaging can also indicate evidence of non-eye or systemic diseases such as hypertension and certain cancers.

Restrictions / Requirements

To participate in a tour, all attendees must adhere to and respect the tour hosts' restrictions and requirements.
Non-adherence may exclude you from a tour.

  • No recording devices
  • Leather like closed-toe shoes (No high heels)
  • Long or short-sleeved shirt/blouse
  • Long pants (no shorts, skirts, dresses)
  • Signed non-disclosure agreement